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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is profoundly different from Therapy or Psychiatry. 

Life Coach:Someone who helps you understand life situations better. Can help you come out of a confused life state and move forward in life.

Therapist:Can deal with more serious mental issues.(CBT) 

Psychiatrist:A medical doctor who prescribes medication to handle your brain issues.

The key aspect of life coaching is ‘confidence’. It helps people who are short of self-confidence and find themselves in a rut. A Life Coach can help people with their personal or professional relationships. A Coach can lead them to a road towards happiness and success. 

Online Life Coaching uses technology to deliver powerful and effective coaching sessions via the internet.

A Life Coach, works closely with an individual and understands the client’s psychology and thought process.A Coach helps break negative belief patterns,set clear goals and take decisive action. 

Coach Shruti Dutt can help you understand your own personality type. your dna and help you take informed and correct decisions, and create a personal blue print for your future success. Her guidance is not “Advice” but her system will help you to stay committed to your own personal & professional growth. She will empower you to achieve results through your own efforts and behaviour modification. She will help you see what you are today, and what you want to be. She has helped many clients to make the right choices in life.

She has multiple testimonials and success stories.

Change Your Story Today.

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Shruti Dutt has been working on Self Transformation and healing from 1985. She has helped many people in the last 30 years. It is Coach Shruti Dutt’s mission to help women and youth transform and manifest their best potential. Coach Shruti Dutt is a :- Graduate from St Stephens College, Post graduate in Advertising and Public Relations from IIMC (Mass Communications), Masters of Education, Founder President of NGO Kaksha, (Dedicated to the promotion of art, education and culture), Founder Director of Accm (Academy of Creative Communication and Media). Reiki healer & Meditation expert. Member of BSG (A Buddhist value creating society).

– Mission –

To Impact Over 2,00,000 Women & Youth to Manifest their Best Potential in 2020.

– Vision–

For All Youth & Women to Actualize a Purposeful, Abundant & Beautiful Life.

Benefits Of Life Coaching

  • Look positively at the future.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Develop the right mindset to overcome life’s challenges.
  • Get more clarity on your life goals.
  • Fight depression & stress.
  • Make an action plan to act upon.
  • Uplift yourself emotionally.
  • Restore confidence & belief in yourself.
  • Achieve more with right guidance & training.
  • Improve personal & professional relationships.
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Transformation Activities

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Personality Development

Workshop for Corporate Employees

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Preparation for Interviews

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Third Stage of Life - Motivation for Women

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One on One Coaching for Transformation

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Parenting Skills

Bloom With Coach Shruti Dutt

Be your Best


Master Public Speaking Skills.

Super Student of 11th Standard

(Improve your life skills to have a successful last year in school)

Master Video Making Skills.

Bloom -Transform to Manifest Your Best Personality.

Personality Development and Communication Skills

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Shruti is a phenomenal Life Coach. Her presence as a Coach, transforms one to jolly, hopeful and determined person, to strive towards one's life goals. She is an action person. By speaking your heart out, she can let you get out any life's dilemma to the castle of victory and happiness. Thank you Coach Shruti!!
Miss. Prachi Jindal
New Delhi
Shruti Dutt is an amazing personality is how I instantly think of her. Someone whose sensitive & compassionate towards her cause of coaching & contributing to people's lives. Helping them achieve their ground, hand hold them to bounce back to life & experience transformation. She's brilliant with her process & how she takes you through the journey of ever lasting change is inspiring. Having watched her keenly as a coach, I know how she relentlessly works with her clients. Shruti, is absolutely wonderful to be associated with.
-Ms. Deepali Narula
New Delhi
I am doing well .I am now feeling much better . Thank you so much for being my life coach. Your guidance has changed my life and I am trying to following it every day. You are such a wonderful friend thank God for meeting you today.
Mr. Alex Filip
Marine Engineer(UK)
It was a great honor to have an insightful session with Ms. Shruti Dutt on Communication Skills.All the Facilitators of Tata STRIVE express their gratitude for such an informative session.
Mr.Tahir Rasool
Good morning ma'am, ma'am I purchased the book last night online edition from Amazon and read it. It's absolutely touching and inspiring. Too much to learn from life lessons and really got inspired from Mr. Sherry and his family struggle and success story of never giving up. All the best ma'am keep motivating the people. 🙏
Mr.Akhil Gupta
New Delhi
Coach Shruti Dutt who is also Dilliwalinani She is just not only mentored CBSE toppers, lawyers, Chartered Accountants, MBA's but also sports Champion,Dances and Singers She has also been training the Trainers Avidly.
Miss. Shweta Pandey
New Delhi
Sharing my problem with you was the best things that happened to me .I am glad I met you. Your coaching has made a world of difference in my daily life..
Mr. Vincent Macmoham
I truly enjoyed working with Shruti on two occasions. She is such a calm and well organized person. She is always present at the moment and very in tune with people when she does her presentations. She is very observing and has a keen way of engaging with her audience. She is skillful on what she does as a Life and Career Coach and would love to work with her again in the future.
Ms. Myra Hope
New Delhi
Dear Shruti, Am really thankful for coming into my life when I needed you most,the advise and the insights I got from you have enabled me to see life differently. You made me realize happiness begins with myself,I exercise more and the beach walks with my boys has made me connect more with them and learned to listen and analyse their communication. Have learnt how to make samosas via you tube and am doing great as I have made it my hustle though am hoping to get a job soon this all you taught me to take life positive and so I am. Shruti we've never met but every time I log into my fb and see your educative post I feel like you are next to me. May God continue giving you wisdom to guide us dear. Thank you so much cheers.
Ms. Winnie Nadambuki

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